Cat's Tongue Regrowth After Heavy Pruning

June 6, 2019

Cat's Tongue Above: Cat’s Tongue thriving after we cut it way back.

Last October we had a hailstorm that damaged a lot of plants. Some bounced back, some died, and some struggled. This Cat’s Tongue was one that struggled and didn’t look all that good compared to other years.

So a few months ago we gave it a good pruning to rid it of dead branches (also a little bit of wildfire mindfulness). Basically, after the pruning, it ended up looking like a few sticks in the ground with a few leaves that were trying to grow on them.

But what difference a few months make!

Cat's Tongue Flower

Flowers have been going strong! This last photo shows a close up of the leaves that have little hairs that feel like a cat’s tongue when you gently rub them.

Cat's Tongue Leaves