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Get your graphic and web needs met in just one day.

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Does one day sound impossible?

It really isn't.

Through a very streamlined and organized process, you can get my high quality service in an accelerated and focused format. What used to take weeks can now take just a few hours.

You're here right now because you:

Have muttered the words "I just need a simple site." And yet you still don't have one.

Promised yourself you would create your own logo and two... three... five....... years later, still no logo.

Don't know how to update your own site so you never change it.

Have a logo but it just doesn't feel like your business.

Are on a tight timeline and don't have time to wait months for a website.

Just started your business and don't have the budget or need for full strategic branding or a large website with tons of features.

Struggle with the tech side of websites and know it's not in your zone of genius, but you still need one to reach your customers.

But what if you could:

Get your website or branding created in one day
The typical design process can take weeks to months to complete. Maybe you don't have that sort of time. Maybe you're out of time.

Cut out the back and forth emails and calls
A project's duration can slow things down: Back and forth emails to review, finding time in your schedule to focus on that review, waiting for a designer to fit you back into their schedule... things slow down. Sometimes by a lot. When you have your Dedicated Design Day, we work together — that day — to get the project completed.

Stop wasting your energy and time
If you've spent so much time getting nowhere with something that's not working, why are you still doing it? Let's collaborate together to get your branding or website ready to share with the world now.

Dedicated Design Days get quality work done quickly.

Gone are the days of a ton of your time spent on communicating back and forth just to get an hour's worth of small updates made. Welcome now to a full day with a designer dedicated to getting your needs met all at once! This service is designed to work for you.

"The 3 design days were really fun and productive."

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What is a Dedicated Design Day?


My undivided attention to your project for an 8-hour day
(7 hours of my time + 1 hour of your time for reviewing and a break)

45-minute Strategy Call

Pre-work plan for you
No guessing of what you need to prepare for me. You'll be given a Workbook to gather what's asked specifically for your project.

Virtual messaging throughout the day to be in contact with me
While my best work happens when I'm focused without interruption (hello, my top CliftonStrengths!), I do want you involved and to make this day successful, I need your active input.

1 hour of post-Dedicated Design Day tweaks + 30 days of email support
You will get 1 hour post-Day support for any small fixes plus 30 days of email support if you're lost or stuck on anything related to what we accomplished.

What can we accomplish together in a day?


Simple Brand
Identity & Logo

  • ICON

Simple Shopify

  • Additional pages will require additional days or half-days.
  • Product photography is available starting at a half-day rate for booked projects.

Simple Squarespace



For custom projects, let's talk.

If I think something will take longer, I will let you know before the Design Day starts. It may be that you need to book multiple days for your project.

"I can't thank you enough for your design and brand development for my new business. The logo and website you created exceeded my expectations!"

Day Rate vs. Deliverables

When you book a Dedicated Design Day, you are booking my undivided time for a day. While you are not booking a set of deliverables, I have a very good idea of how long things take in my 22+ years of experience. Also, due to the super efficient process, we are able to achieve maximum results during our day together. A successful day is also dependent on your quick responses to messages and reviews throughout our day together as well as completing the prep work as thoroughly as you can.

Some examples of projects:

Logo & Brand Elements + 3 Page Simple Squarespace Website - (2 days)

Brand style guide sheet on a surface. The logo for Sunshower Ink is on a smaller sheet of paper that rests on the style guide sheet. The background is an apricot color surface.

4 Page Simple Squarespace Website (1 day) + 1 Additional Page Added During 30-Day Support

Nurturing Melodies website on a laptop. The computer sits on a desk with a vase of purple flowers to the right.
A hand with purple nail polish holds an iPhone up in the air with Nurturing Melodies website on the screen. The background is a pink, blue, and purple gradient sky.

Simple Squarespace Website - 2 pages with sourced photos (1 day)

Simple Brand Identity & Logo (1 day)

Salon website on a Macbook
Branded website on an iPhone
Brand design on a printed paper on a desk surrounded by notebooks, a phone and glasses.

So how does this work?


We start with a free 20-minute Connection Call. It's a quick way for me to see if your project is possible to complete in one day so we don't waste our time.


Once I know your project is perfect for a Dedicated Design Day, you'll choose your date from my calendar. Keep in mind you must be virtually available on the Dedicated Design Day. Don't book other appointments, calls, or meetings. Plan on being available on your Dedicated Design Day to answer questions and give quick feedback so we can make the most of your day.


I'll send you a worksheet to help you gather the information that I'll need for your project. Depending on your project, I may need more information from you but that list will all be given to you when you book. I'll need all of your pre-work information turned in 2 business days prior to your Dedicated Design Day or we will need to reschedule.


We'll book a 45-minute Strategy Call. We'll go over in detail what you need, define your goals, and figure out your desired outcome. Ideally this call happens a few days before your Dedicated Design Day so we can look over your pre-work information together and take care of any questions.


The day of your Dedicated Design Day is when the magic happens. Watch your project get accomplished before your eyes. (Meaning, I'll be working on your project and be in communication with you throughout the day to show you progress, ask questions, and work collaboratively.)


In the following 30 days after your Dedicated Design Day, if you want to want any tweaks done, you'll get 1-hour of my time for support. Anything beyond that, you will have to book another day or half day. You will also get 30 days of email support if you're stuck with anything we accomplished during your Day or have questions or confusion.

A Dedicated Design Day is great for you, if:

  • You have a clear picture in your mind of what you want.
  • You can write your own content.
  • You are good at making quick decisions and choices.
  • You're a small business trying to scale your online presence.
  • You love the idea of getting things done in a matter of hours what for what used to take weeks.
  • You enjoy a collaborative process where you can give real-time feedback as I'm working.

Woman with red hair smiling while sitting in front of a window with her phone on a table

This is not for you if:

  • You don't know what you want.
  • You like to take your time making decisions.
  • You won't have the time to complete the pre-work.
  • You're an organization with many decision makers that need to be involved in the process.
  • You have a business partner that needs to approve decisions as well and they won't be available the day of.
  • You need a website of more than 10 pages.
  • You may be a better fit for a custom quoted website or full branding package.

"You're such a pleasure to work with creatively! You're calming, an exceptional listener, talented designer —AND your onboarding, contract, payment, scheduling process has such little friction. 5/5 stars would recommend to a friend."

What is your investment?

Current Dedicated Design Day Rate:


I will focus only on your project for the day and make sure everything gets completed until the time is up.

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