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Social Snapshot

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A phone resting upright on a tabletop. There is an Instagram profile on the screen in a unique, colorful layout.

What is Social Snapshot?

Social Snapshot transforms your Instagram profile into a captivating visual narrative. It involves strategically planning twelve Instagram posts to create an impressive and cohesive layout.

Imagine turning your profile into a mini-website that instantly engages your audience, communicates your key messages, and showcases your brand's uniqueness.

Why choose Social Snapshot?

If you're looking to stand out on Instagram without the constant pressure of maintaining a daily posting schedule, the Social Snapshot strategy is your solution.

With this strategy, you can:

Create a professional and visually stunning first impression

Use your grid as a powerful funnel to engage your audience

Hang out in Stories and Reels instead of crafting a perfect feed

Focus on showcasing your expertise rather than content creation

Benefits of Social Snapshot

By utilizing Social Snapshot, you'll:

Overcome social media overwhelm and pressure.

Guide potential clients with clear directions.

Highlight your unique offerings effectively.

Capture attention with a professionally designed layout.

Streamline your content creation process.

Two people standing outside looking at a phone a woman has in her hand. The man is pointing to the phone and they are both smiling.

The benefits expanded:

A person in the drivers seat of a vehicle checking their phone

Overcome Overwhelm:

Put an end to the overwhelm that comes with managing a consistent social media presence. The Social Snapshot Strategy streamlines your content creation process, making it easier to maintain a visually appealing profile.

Relieve Daily Pressure:

Say goodbye to the pressure of having to post every single day on social media. With a thoughtfully designed 12-grid layout, you'll have a captivating presence that doesn't require constant daily updates.

Simplify Algorithm Worries:

Reduce the stress of keeping up with algorithm changes. The fixed nature of the Social Snapshot gridscape means you no longer have to worry about constantly adapting to new posting algorithms, until you decide when to change it up again!

Effortless Impact:

Let this curated gridscape do the work for you, showcasing a cohesive visual narrative that captures attention and communicates your brand's essence effortlessly.

Capture Immediate Attention:

A unified and cohesive grid instantly captures your audience's attention. It presents all essential information about your brand and offerings in a single glance.

Easy Decision-Making:

Your audience can make informed decisions about working with you at a glance, thanks to the snapshot of your key points provided by the Social Snapshot gridscape.

A customer walking into a shop smiling and waving at the employee
A person leaning back on a chair in a cafe looking at a phone they are holding in their hand. There is an iced beverage, a small plant, and a camera sitting on the table in front of him

Guided Mini Website:

Your Instagram profile transforms into a guided mini website, providing a structured and engaging experience for your visitors.

Clear Client Directions:

Provide potential clients with a clear roadmap to learn more about your offerings. Your 12-grid acts as a guided journey, directing visitors to explore what you provide and how they can work with you.

Engaging Captions:

Captivating captions will be crafted that perfectly complement each post. Our copywriter creates captions that encourage interactions, conversations, and conversions.

Streamlined Process:

Our meticulously organized system makes the entire process easy, straightforward, and stress-free. Experience a hassle-free journey from planning to execution.

Stable Puzzle Grid:

While puzzle grid templates have been around, the fixed nature of the Social Snapshot gridscape eliminates the frustration of posts disrupting the puzzle. Your aesthetic remains intact, no longer bound by feed posting algorithms. The 9-grid method erases your past posts to make an impact. The Social Snapshot strategy keeps your older posts and provides a visual transition into your 12-post gridscape.

Save Time on Content Creation:

Cut down on the time spent in content creation mode. The Social Snapshot Strategy allows you to plan and schedule in advance, freeing up your time for other important aspects of your business.

A mother sitting at a table with a laptop open in front of her and an iPad next to it. A young smiling girl is embrasing her from behind her back and the mom is turned townard her smiling.
A close up photo of a person with red hair holds a phone up and is looking at it. The person is out of focus and the phone is in focus.

Professional Visuals:

Enjoy a professionally designed layout that ensures your grid looks visually appealing and maintains a consistent brand aesthetic.

Create a Visually Stunning Profile:

Elevate your Instagram profile to new heights with a stunning visual narrative that tells your brand's story cohesively.

Customize What Matters:

Tailor your grid to highlight exactly what matters most to your brand. You have the creative freedom to showcase elements that resonate with your audience and showcase your unique identity.

When you choose our Social Snapshot Strategy, you'll receive:

12 meticulously designed Instagram posts, carefully curated to create a captivating visual narrative that resonates with your audience. Your set includes 3 transition posts for a seamless shift to the new grid.

Expertly written captions that complement each post aimed to spark conversations and connections that drive meaningful interactions.

Posts scheduled for optimal visibility, giving you more time to focus on what you do best.

Discovery and review calls with us that provide personalized support, ensuring the strategy aligns seamlessly with your unique brand identity and goals.

A comprehensive copy of your plan, empowering you with a tangible roadmap for maintaining your impressive Instagram presence.


Maintain a consistent and cohesive brand image with 5 matching Stories templates and 5 Highlight Covers that reinforce your gridescape.

A phone resting upright on a tabletop. There is an Instagram profile on the screen in a unique, colorful layout.
A laptop open on a table with a document on the screen that says Content Plan. A mug, earbuds case, phone, and plants are also on the table.

So what is the process?

Did we mention our process only takes a week?

Your Discovery Call & Your Week

On our call, we'll get to know you and what you want to accomplish on your grid. You'll then complete your pre work, for example, what milestone or deadline you're working towards, answering a few questions, and gathering assets (like a headshot, product photos, info, and any existing branding). You'll also choose your template.

Day 1
Creative Team Planning

Our creative team will meet to go over your pre-work and come up with the strategy.

Day 2
Visuals & Copywriting

We'll get started on creating your visuals and writing your captions and posts.

Day 3
Your Review

You'll get a full day to review what we've designed and written.

Day 4
Tweaks & Your Sign Off

We'll implement changes you may have from your review, share the finalized design and copy, and you will give us your approval.

Day 5
Scheduling Posts & Handing Over Visuals

On the last day, we'll pre-schedule all of your posts. We'll also hand over the bonus graphics - gridscape consistent Story templates and Highlight covers.

Examples of how Social Snapshot can be used in different businesses:

A woman with a ponytail holds two cardboard boxes that she's resting onto a table in front of her. The background room is a backroom of a business.

New Business Launches

Are you stepping into the world of entrepreneurship with a brand new business? Social Snapshot will help you establish a striking online presence from day one. This strategy will ensure that your profile captures attention and resonates with your target audience.

Coaches and Service Providers

If you're a coach, consultant, or service provider, showcasing your expertise is crucial. With a Social Snapshot gridscape, you can communicate your offerings clearly and effectively through a visually stunning grid. Make a strong impression and demonstrate your value to potential clients right from the moment they land on your profile.

A person in a wheelchair in front of a coffeeshop table looking at their phone and smiling.
Person at a large studio table writing with a pen or pencil. On the table are different art supplies, plants, papers, and containers. There are very large windows along the wall behind them and many large plants fill the surrounding space.

Creative Professionals

Graphic designers, artists, photographers — your work deserves to be presented in a way that captivates your audience. Social Snapshot's strategy allows you to curate your portfolio and display your creative prowess with elegance and coherence.

Product Launches and Retailers

Prepare for the holiday season or introduce new products with flair. The Social Snapshot Strategy empowers retailers to create a visual narrative that highlights their top products, seasonal offerings, or gift guides. Showcase your merchandise in a captivating way that entices shoppers and converts visitors into customers.

A person clipping a Black Friday Sale sign to a hanging lamp. Different products are in the backgroud by they are blurry.
A phone inn a person hands. There is an Instagram profile on the screen in a unique, colorful layout.

Our own experience:

I (Lisa) meticulously prepared my Instagram profile using the Social Snapshot Strategy for an important, lively conference. At events like these, everyone you meet wants to connect on Instagram. But I was a step ahead, offering them a visual mini-landing page that instantly conveyed who I am and what I have to offer. My beautifully designed gridscape not only initiated conversations but also left a lasting impression.

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Limited Spots

Availability starting in 2024.

Reach out if you need something sooner.

Rest easy. We've got it covered.

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