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Do You Have These Misunderstandings About Web Design?

June 12, 2023

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Let's have a little chat about some common misunderstandings that many of business owners tend to make when it comes to creating a successful website. Trust me, you're not alone in this!

A website is like a digital storefront for your business — a place where potential customers can visit, explore, and get a taste of what you have to offer. It's your online presence, your brand's voice, and an opportunity to leave a lasting impression. But here's the thing: your website's success can fall flat if you're not familiar with its design nuances.

So, whether you're a seasoned business owner looking to revamp your website or a budding entrepreneur embarking on your first online venture, it's essential to steer clear of some typical misunderstandings that could potentially hinder your website's effectiveness.

Misunderstanding #1:

Web design is just about creating a pretty website.

While visuals are important, effective web design also involves creating a user-friendly, accessible, and search engine-optimized website.

Your website should reflect your brand, and it can certainly be pretty, but the design shouldn't stop there. A beautiful website means nothing if it's hard to use and confusing. A well thought out strategy and content written to provide value — whether it's explaining your services or telling the benefits of a product — are some of the keys to success. Your website visitors should get the what they needed out of your website with the least amount of clicks. A gorgeously designed website that has no clear path for the user to take is going to cause problems and no amount of professional photos and styling on their own would fix that.

Misunderstanding #2:

Once a website is designed, it's done.

Some business owners may believe that once a website is designed and launched, their work is done. However, a good website is a continuous project that requires ongoing maintenance, updates, and optimization.

I often get asked how to help improve SEO, and one way is to constantly be creating content for your website. Set it and forget it attitudes won't get you to the first page of Google. People visit your site for information. Your website is just collecting dust, not sales or contacts, if your store hours are wrong, you're not advertising your upcoming events, or never writing about your products, services, or benefits. Those are all easy updates to keep your website fresh, by the way. Let's not forget about the ongoing maintenance some site builders require, such as WordPress. An unmaintained site is a potential disaster waiting to happen with security issues, broken plugins, and more.

Misunderstanding #3:

Anyone can design a website.

That's actually a true statement, but while there are many website builders and templates available, creating a truly effective and professional website requires a range of skills and expertise. This includes knowledge of design principles, coding, search engine optimization, user experience, and more.

It's important to work with a professional web designer to ensure that your website is effective and meets the needs of your business and target audience. Work with the people who are following the latest information for web design and development who can provide you with the solutions instead of you needing to know that on top of your already busy business life.

Misunderstanding #4:

More features and content are always better.

Some business owners may believe that adding more features and content to their website will make it more effective. However, too many features or too much content can actually overwhelm users and detract from the website's effectiveness. A strategic approach to content and features is important to ensure that they serve a purpose and support the website's goals.

Creating content for content's sake is useless. People will be bored. Google will see you're up to providing fluff. Of course you can have features and content — just be sure they're included with the right intent.

Misunderstanding #5:

It's all about the homepage.

Don't forget about your support system. While the homepage is often the first impression a visitor will have of your website, good website design takes into account the entire user journey and includes attention to detail on all pages of the site, including landing pages, product pages, and more.

It's clear that web design is a powerful tool that can make or break your online presence. By understanding and avoiding these common misunderstandings, you're already one step closer to creating a website that truly represents your business and captivates your audience and drives results. So, take the knowledge you've gained here and apply it to your website with confidence. Embrace the potential for growth, adapt to evolving trends, and don't hesitate to seek professional help when needed.

Let's unlock the true potential of your website and make it a digital masterpiece. Connect and chat.