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Mojave Macrame at Tea With Iris 2016 Open Studio and Holiday Bazaar

December 4, 2016

The gazebo setup of Mojave Macrame creations

When Leslie from Tea with Iris contacted me asking if I would be interested in showing and selling my macrame creations at her annual Open Studio and Holiday Bazaar, I felt completely honored ...and super excited!

Last year I had planned on attending as a guest but that weekend I was very ill with asthma and breathing issues. I had just been wondering to myself if she was going to have a party again because I really wanted to try and go this year. Within a few days, I received an email from Leslie. I did not hesitate to say yes!

I had just recently dropped off my latest stock of macrame at Cactus Mart, so I had to create everything in the next few weeks. Every spare moment I had between my full-time job and my freelance work, I macramed. While my husband and I watched TV shows and movies, I macramed. I tried to macrame in the car during work lunch breaks, but I quickly realized that was impossible due to too small of a space! This sudden rush of macrame'ing was tons of fun and exhausting as well. The last few days leading up the party was spent getting everything pulled together: signage, business cards, pricing tags, and other details.

The morning of I work up early. The car was packed, I grabbed a cup of coffee from Frontier Cafe in Yucca Valley (and randomly ran into my friend Melissa there), and I headed down to the low desert. The December weather was chilly in Joshua Tree but in Palm Desert it was perfect! My creations were soon hung and I helped Leslie string her beautiful glass lights back and forth across the yard. Soon guests started arriving and the party was underway!

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Mojave Macrame mini hanging planter ornaments and Mojave Wood reclaimed desert wood cacti planter boxes Mojave Wood reclaimed desert wood cacti planter boxes, Mojave Macrame mini hanging planter ornaments, and  Mojave Macrame creations hanging in the gazebo Cacti cuttings as gifts for the guests from Tea with Iris Mojave Macrame hanging planters and wall hangings